WAM-Pro® Programs

It’s not just about what you’ll learn. It’s about how you'll improve.

ach WAM-Pro® eLearning module is designed to immerse you in an important area of workforce management. Whether you take the cohesive, full WAM-Pro® Certification Course (all 14 modules) or you create a tailored package based on a specific role, skills gap, or need, these visually stimulating, narrated, hands-on WAM-Pro® modules will help you and your stakeholders do more with your workforce management technology .


What's in it for me?

  • Strategies for overcoming challenging obstacles in the workforce like using schedules to reduce overtime or setting alerts to notify you of labor leakage
  • Case studies and guided practice exercises like how to analyze an absence policy for different design elements to help you apply what you've learned
  • Suggested reading from the WAMBOK® and other sources for further exploration of the topics
  • Consistent learning environment with clear expectations and learning objectives at the beginning and end of each module
  • Interactive quiz questions to prepare you for the CWAM test and to check your learning
  • Humor and analogy to keep you engaged and even entertained


The WAM-Pro® eLearning course blends high-level understanding with technical expertise. The modules cover relevant and provocative topics that will help you embrace the practice of workforce asset management.

  1. Business Analysis and the Business Case
  2. Return on Investment Analysis
  3. The Role of Organizational Readiness and Change Management
  4. Time and Labor Collection Systems
  5. Federal and State Regulation
  6. Absence and Leave Management
  7. Labor Leakage: Managing Cost and Reducing Risk
  8. How to Schedule
  9. Work-Life Balance and Schedule Equilibrium
  10. Data Governance and Management
  11. Data Integration and Interfaces
  12. Workforce Analytics
  13. Vendor and Product Selection for Workforce Asset Management
  14. The Implementation Process for Workforce Management Systems


An education program that widens your awareness of workforce issues and deepens your understanding of how those link to business problems is tough to put a price on. Contact AWAM today to learn more about the value and price of this program and to discuss volume pricing options.

Benefits of Training and Certification

The benefits of the WAM-Pro® eLearning Program go far beyond the certification. This program helps professionals from all areas of business gain greater recognition for the complexity and potential of their role in workforce asset management.

Why You Need This Now

Beat Your Competition.

As competitors become certified in workforce asset management (CWAM), they gain an advantage. Don’t wait until you lose out; win more with a certified team.

Differentiate Yourself.

Certification isn’t something everyone has, especially in workforce management. Stand out among others. Get to the top of the engagement and recruitment list. Earn recognition for what you’ve accomplished.

Demonstrate Initiative.

Show your employer, your peers, and your competition that you won’t let years of experience be your only asset.

Diversify Your Knowledge.

The discipline of workforce management has evolved. Your role is much more strategic. Bring yourself and others up to speed on the current challenges and those ahead.

Quantify Your Skills and Abilities.

Certification applies a quantifiable metric to your practice. Designation makes it clear to others that you have proven your skills and validated your abilities.

Why You Will Enjoy This Later

Be Marketable.

Maintain your value now and in the event of a market slowdown, merger or acquisition, or increased competition.

Increase Your Creative Deviance.

Within the WAMBOK® and the WAM-Pro® eLearning, you will learn numerous ways to solve persistent problems using new, specialized methods.

Educate Your Clients.

Successful projects happen when all parties are informed and engaged. With a better understanding of the full WFM lifecycle, stakeholders will enjoy clearer expectations and better ability to execute.

Provide Better Advice.

With certification you represent a well-informed and capable professional. This encourages others to engage you in more opportunities. They will look to you for advice and guidance.

Be Part of a Community.

A growing number of professionals have recognized that certification is the path to an elevated career. Join them and continue to hone your skills.

Creative Uses for WAM-Pro® Training

WAM-Pro® Training isn’t just for those pursuing certification. Here are a few ways you can use the WAM-Pro® Training:

  • On-boarding and New Supervisor Training
  • Job Training or Cross-Training for Schedulers, IT Help Desk, and Financial Managers
  • Career or Professional Development or Continuing Education Course
  • Pre-Project Ramp-Up Training
  • Coach and Mentor Programs
  • Client Education Programs
  • Service Level Agreement Add-On