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People often blame the [workforce management] systems for problems instead of dealing with the real management [or policy] issues. Today, I help trace perceived problems with how the system worked to the real source of difficulty.
Manager, Product Delivery

Most companies never consider the process or strategy behind workforce management. They just install systems and occasionally look at reports. I liked that the WAM-Pro® modules focused on application and meaningful analysis. They taught me how to DO something.
Director, Workforce Management Systems

We needed to reduce our customer churn rates and improve the long-term success of our customers. AWAM’s programs helped us align our sales and implementation teams to work for the same outcomes.
Senior Director, Client Services

The WAM-Pro® Certification Program took an enormous load off my plate. I was conducting some Time and Attendance 101 type classes, but it wasn’t a consistent way to spread the knowledge. I was relieved when I found that the WAM-Pro® content included exactly what I wanted my people to understand.
VP, Product Marketing and Strategy

Now I can look at the potential ROI of a project from multiple views. I can also continue to measure the outcomes during and after system implementation.
Manager, Operations and Delivery

When a project has to be successful, someone needs to be accountable. But, as end users, we don’t always understand the full lifecycle of the technology or the processes. [The WAM-Pro® modules] will help me identify and call out issues to leadership before they became big problems for the business.
Manager, Finance