Get to Know AWAM

In 2012, a group of 75 industry leaders, policy makers, practitioners, university academics, lawyers, system implementers, vendors, and employers assembled to write a textbook on the practice of workforce asset management. In the same year, the initial certification blueprint was drafted and discussed among a group of similar professionals.

In February 2013, the Association for Workforce Asset Management (AWAM) united around the goal of putting together the WAM-Pro® Training and Certification Program. In April 2013, John Wiley and Sons published the 650+ page Workforce Asset Management Book of Knowledge (WAMBOK®). The WAMBOK is the starting point for anyone interested in learning more about this cross-disciplinary area.

Throughout 2013, AWAM produced a library of content including white papers, tools and templates, and webinars to members. Multi-day in-class training was offered, and the increased interest in an on-demand method of training spurred development of a full-scale eLearning course.

So in 2014 AWAM launched the WAM-Pro® eLearning Program and continues to help applicants prepare for the exam and augment their on-the-job skills, experience and ROI.

In 2015, AWAM established a Certification Board to govern the certification process. This Certification Board is made up of dedicated professionals who are knowledgeable about certification and workforce management. Since the beginning, AWAM representatives and members were invited to attend and speak at multiple industry conferences on the issues of workforce management and the need for certification. AWAM continues to serve as the preeminent educational and professional institution promoting the strategic future of workforce management.