WFM Business Value

Workforce management solutions bring real business value. Are you provoking and inspiring new conversations around the impact of your WFM technology?



Outdated scheduling habits and volatile schedules create problems with absence, overtime, productivity, and turnover. Ready for something better?


WAM-Pro® Certification

Challenge complacency. Validate, enhance, and certify your workforce management expertise and knowledge. Want others to know that you are a WAM-Pro®?



Time and labor management needs to be taken seriously. The Workforce Asset Management Book of Knowledge (WAMBOK®) proves that the topic of workforce management goes deeper than punches, paychecks, and policy. The WAMBOK® is an essential part of the WAM-Pro® Certification Program and a permanent reference for any workforce management practitioner.



Education that's hands-on. All WAM-Pro® Programs are designed to provide immediate, on-the-job value. From the timely workforce management topics to the practical application exercises, professionals at a variety of levels, in a variety of roles, will benefit from our eLearning modules and tailored programs.



Workforce management has never had a measurable level of competency or excellence. Until now. WAM-Pro® Certification is an exclusive level of achievement that combines on-the-job experience with a formal education program on best practice, a case study, and a knowledge exam. Join the community of workforce management professionals that have reached the standard of excellence like you.



Be trusted for what you know. Designated WAM-Pros provide guidance on four key business areas: HR, Finance, IT, and Operations. They use workforce management technology to balance the needs of employers and employees at all levels. After you prove your skills, lead others to success.